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Global FinBlock ​ Forum            

JAN 12th, 2019

Hero City at Draper University


The potential of blockchain in finance is immense. Financial blockchain products including cryptocurrency exchanges, digital asset management, and more have seen the highest implementation rates among all blockchain projects. We believe financial blockchain projects will grow exponentially as blockchain dives deeper into the sophisticated financial industry in 2019.


The summit will be the first of its kind in the San Francisco Bay Area, focusing on on the intersection of blockchain technology and finance.The FinBlock Summit will gather world-class venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, industry professionals, incubators, media platforms and regulation experts from all over the world in both blockchain and finance industry. There will be extensive networking, media exposure and potential partnership opportunities.

1:00-1:20 PM   
1:20-2:00 PM
2:00-2:40 PM
2:40-3:40 PM
3:40-4:30 PM
Opening Remarks
The State of Blockchain In Finance and How Could Blockchain Change Finance?
The Future of Share Trading and Digital/Crypto Asset Management
Invest in Blockchain Technology and Leverage Security Token to Drive Business Growth
Impact of Blockchain on Finance Services & Regulation
4:30-5:00 PM
Use Case Road Show & Networking

Sebastian Quinn 

Power Ledger, Founder


Arkadi Kuhlmann

Banking Entrepreneur, 

Previously CEO of both

ING Direct Canada and

ING Direct USA

Juan Acosta 

Director at Draper University

Shruthi Rao 

WW Business Development

Amazon Managed Blockchain

Kumar Lakshmana

Co-Founder of ZillionHeads

​Dean Hampton

CEO of Razitall Inc

Alex Witt

SWFT Blockchain CFO

Eamonn Donlyn 

Co-founder of Ferdon Inc.

Emmy Winner 


North America
Blockchain Association, Chairman

Daniel Gouldman

Ternio, Founder & CEO

Spencer Kaye

Securitize, Director of Business Development

Philip Liu

Arca, Co-Founder 

Matt Oguz 

Venture Science & IRIS, General Partner

Patrick Baron

Blockchain Consulting Group, Founder & CEO

Matthew Ficke

OKCoin, Business Development Manager

Sebastian Quinn 

Founder of First Point Ventures & Board Advisor of Powerledger

Moshe Shadmon 

Founder and CEO at AnyLog

Meg VanDeventer

Cambridge Blockchain, Cryptoventures Business Development

Zhen Cao

Partner at JLAB

Kadeem Clarke

Investment Manager of 8 Decimal Capital

Yubo Ruan

8 Decimal Capital, Founder

Vijay Reddy

Founder & CEO of Synthium Health

Alina Yao

Huobi EOS Exchange COO

Tom Cong 

Corporate Strategy Manager, Cisco

Maximilian Wang

Bgogo Digital Asset Exchange, CEO 

Cecilia Li

OKCoin, Investment & Communications Director

Charlotte Westfall

Partner of CKR LAW LLP

 Michael Noe

Co-Founder and CEO of Blockchain Consultants 

Lianxin He

Founder, GrandLine Technologies

Daya Baran

Founder & CEO of VEEV 




With headquarters located in Beijing and San Francisco, BlockTrain is a global blockchain media platform designed to serve the North American and Chinese blockchain communities.

BlockTrain is dedicated to providing insights through various media channels by creating original video series, writing and translating content, and hosting blockchain global conferences. BlockTrain has produced exclusive video and verbal contents for a series of blockchain organizations such as DFINITY, R3, Bitcoin Gold, Veem, ConsenSys, Okcoin USA & Capital, Binance and lots more. The co-founders also led the media and public relations practice with the North America Blockchain Association to successfully organize and promote the Blockchain FinTech Expo in 2017 in Silicon Valley. BlockTrain partners with more than 50 media platforms around the world.

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Established in March of 2006, DFJ DragonFund was the joint venture between the internationally recognized venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson (DFJ) and DragonVenture, which helped pioneer venture capital in China in the late 90’s. Since its inception, DFJ DragonFund managed two US Dollar funds “DFJ DragonFund I & DFJ DragonFund II” and one RMB fund. In 2014, the DFJ Global Network rebranded as the Draper Venture Network. With the launch of our 3rd US Dollar fund in 2016, DFJ DragonFund henceforward became known as Draper Dragon Fund. It is a sector agnostic early stage fund looking for companies with innovative technologies and business models with market appeal in Silicon Valley and in China. With the unique depth of experience and knowledge, the team can add value and resources in a broad manner.

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​                           Media Partners


        Attending Investment Organizations

Previous Event


2018 Global Blockchain Technology Expo


BlockTrain and Draper Dragon Fund hosted the 2018 Global Blockchain Technology Expo on May 6th, 2018 in Silicon Valley. The conference was aimed to demonstrate the advancement of the distributed ledger technology and discusses its applications in various industries.

Ledger, Ripple, IBM, Cisco, Oracle and other 40+ selected top-notch blockchain projects presented their products, services, technology innovation, development progress, and expansion roadmaps.  From the underlying technology to infrastructures and protocols, hardware and software, applications in AI, IOT, industrials, entertainment and more.




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